Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Started my new visual display internship with Anthropologie...

It was an interesting experience to see how to work in art within a business realm. How they organize the 'inspiration board' and the visual displays of their shops is art studio-esque but with little minions in stores across the country who carry out their head vision. They also have a found objects room which is something I want in my own house. No wait, I NEED it.

I appreciate the collaborative aspect of this internship and I am really excited to learn new things. I am not so excited to dress like everything I own is from Anthropologie, which is one of the rules of working there. "Before you put something on, think 'would Anthropologie sell this?".... uhm no? I'm screwed. I already broke a rule on my first day wearing my dinosaurs skateboarding vans. Apparently no sneakers. I will miss wearing my troll sweater even if others wont.

I am not sure how I will fit in with the rest of the people that work there, but I was perfectly comfortable with macrame-ing for my entire shift. Apparently we are doing a macrame backdrop for part of the store. Although I know macrame was ruined by the 70's, there are some people that know how to make that shit sweeeet.

Eleanor Amoroso's work. images from

left image:
don't know who it's by but url is...
and right image:
garment by julie eilenberger from her flickr.

note to self:
maybe black is the key to sleek and modern macrame?

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