Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Started my new visual display internship with Anthropologie...

It was an interesting experience to see how to work in art within a business realm. How they organize the 'inspiration board' and the visual displays of their shops is art studio-esque but with little minions in stores across the country who carry out their head vision. They also have a found objects room which is something I want in my own house. No wait, I NEED it.

I appreciate the collaborative aspect of this internship and I am really excited to learn new things. I am not so excited to dress like everything I own is from Anthropologie, which is one of the rules of working there. "Before you put something on, think 'would Anthropologie sell this?".... uhm no? I'm screwed. I already broke a rule on my first day wearing my dinosaurs skateboarding vans. Apparently no sneakers. I will miss wearing my troll sweater even if others wont.

I am not sure how I will fit in with the rest of the people that work there, but I was perfectly comfortable with macrame-ing for my entire shift. Apparently we are doing a macrame backdrop for part of the store. Although I know macrame was ruined by the 70's, there are some people that know how to make that shit sweeeet.

Eleanor Amoroso's work. images from

left image:
don't know who it's by but url is...
and right image:
garment by julie eilenberger from her flickr.

note to self:
maybe black is the key to sleek and modern macrame?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

handmade typefaces hmmm

marian bantjes

eduardo recife

"alphabet soup" by angelique westerhof

tiana vasilijev

hand jobs

3d typography


monica canilao


yoshikazu yamagata

Yayoi Kusama

monica canilao

i still love houses. and polka dots

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Assignment#3 inventory

Soft: 30" x 23" x 18", 2009, cotton couch piping; hand knit

Weight: 67" x 30" x 30", 2010, 100 pounds of cotton rope; hand knit with arms

Neck Piece: 16" x 17" x 10", 2010, over spun wool; hand knit

Purple: 33" x 25" x 13", 2010, acrylic machine knit linear element; hand knit

Grey: 27" x 25" x 26". 2010, silk machine knit linear element; hand knit

Green: 37" x 19" x 15", 2010, cashmere machine knit linear element; hand knit

Orange: 30" x 28" x 17", 2010, cashmere machine knit linear element; hand knit

Knit Nests: 2010, newspaper; hand knit

Hair portraits: 2010, handmade paper made of cotton pulp and hair

Paper flag: 2010, handmade paper made of cotton and hair; hand printed

Flag: 2010, recycled shoulder pads from tradition Japanese clothing, cotton, thread

Tsuna: 2010, hair, machine knitted pony wool, cashmere, cotton; hand twisted

Geta: 2010, hair, twine, wood, aluminum

HomeBoyHome: 2009, cotton, tv, wire

Twin Homes: 2009, cotton, wool, wood, wire

HomeBoy: 2009, fabric, handmade rope