Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Assignment#2. objectives

Who do you want to reach?
I want to reach those who have a relationship to the knit. Whether they recognize knitting from their ugly sweater from grandma, Dave Cole's fiberglass bear, or even knit graffiti, everyone has some kind of history with knit.

What do you want to express?
I want to express knitting as not just a traditional medium for garments, but also as a respectable medium for fine art. Through this I will show my views on the search for "home" and my cultural identity. My goal is to push the conventional conceptions of knitting through investigation of pattern, structure, and form.

How do you want to organize your work?
I suppose I would organize my work through a internet portfolio that is categorized by medium/process, which would be sub categorized by subject matter/series, then dates. Although I primarily work with knit/fibers, I dabble in illustration as well as printmaking, which will also be presented in the portfolio.

inspiration again and again:
Mafuyu's knitted homes

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