Saturday, July 16, 2011

Before Trip

I am leaving for England in a few days. I am so excited and nervous I could throw up. gahhh.
I will try to take many photos and will put up updates as much as I can. If it wasn't for the Center for Craft Creativity and Design's Windgate Grant, I would not be able to embark on this life changing journey, so THANK YOUUUUUUUU!!!!

Here is my very loose itinerary:

July 19-28: London, England. Pretty much staying in the city. Going to V&A, National Museum, Saatchi Gallery, White Cube, UCL museums, etcetc. Trying to not be as touristy as I will inevitably look.

July 28 - August 6: My sister meets up with me and we will be traveling together to Christina's grandparents in a more rural area of England, experiencing the country.

August 6-13: We go back to London so I can take my workshop at Central Saint Martins!!!! This is where I will be acting as a sponge to absorb everything I can learn there.

August 13-16: On the way to Antwerp, Belgium, primarily to see the Unravel knitwear exhibition at the MOMU!!@()@*@!)@# I am ridiculously excited about seeing this with my own two eyesssss! To see so many of my inspirations all in one place! not through a computer screen!!!!

August 16-20: Going to beautiful Barcelona. Coincidentally I will actually spend a part of my summer in Spain.

Speaking of Summer in Spain, ConcreteCatwalk did a small review of the show. There was some really nice feedback for all the designers. You can read them Here
Here is what she said about my collection:

"favorite parts: a very unique interpretation of the crocheted trend, i loved the exploration of the different types of garments that are not typically crafted using yarn, the bold solid colors were a great match for the medium used

room for improvement: because of the avant garde nature of this collection, i think i would have liked to see some more interesting makeup and hair styles."

And I will conclude this post with a photo of a sock monkey I made from a kit that I got as a gift from my boss at Anthropologie. (Thanks Ben K.!) I was supposed to knit it a winter cap and scarf, but it is so ungodly hot outside so I knit a summer dress instead.