Friday, August 19, 2011

Knitting Worshop

I participated in a knitting workshop at Central Saint Martins last week. It was short but full of new information and techniques that I tried to cram into my head. We spent most of the workshop learning these new techniques which the students then will hypothetically use in their future projects. I thought I knew a thing or two about knitting machines, but this class proved that there is SO MUCH MORE for me to learn. The only complaint is that I wish the class was longer!!! I had a great teacher, Alice Wellbeloved, who is amazing. Seeing her samples of her knit textiles blew my mind. And the samples she showed us were all done on a standard home knitting machine! Oh the possibilities are endless with even just a home machine. We had a guest cottage industry knitter, Amy Hall, come in to show us some of her pieces from her previous collection and a sneak peak of her new summer collection! Coincidentally I had already been following her through blogger. The wonders of the internet! Again, another inspiration to see someone start a business on their own doing what they love. I met some really nice people from all over the world in this workshop, and it felt like home to be in a room full of students. Creepy I know, but I really like it when the whole room sounds like a sweatshop spilling out colorful crazy knits. I am going to try to take another class this winter or next summer. I am crossing my appendages!

I was going to show you pictures of my samples from the workshop, but an overzealous janitor must have gotten his/her hands on them because they disappeared on the last day of class. Oh woe is me. Just means I have to make more samples which is probably a good thing. Instead here are photos of half of a room full of home knitting machines (the other half industrial knitting machines), and MY FIRST PAIR OF FULLY FASHIONED SOCKS OFF THE KNITTING MACHINE! Since these were done not on a double bed, they have a seam on the inside, and I know that they are just socks, BUT it is still awesome to me.

Basically, I loved taking this class and I have to go back to take another. There is no age limit, you don't have to be a student, you just have to shell out the cash and you can attend. I realllllly recommend others to do it if they can. Saint Martins is apparently moving from their South Hampton location to a new place on Kings Cross so next year it will be in a new fancy beautiful building! GO GO GO!


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