Tuesday, June 7, 2011

printed textile processes...

So I've been getting ready for the fashion show coming up. We just had our dress rehearsal yesterday and it went pretty well. This fashion show has definitely been a new way of working for me. It is not just about the garment, but also thinking about hair, makeup, nails, shoes, the entire picture. I have a lot of learning to do.

I have been looking at other designers and how they use the knit/crochet in their fashion work, and I came upon some designers that use the image of the textile process as a surface design rather than the structure. Just interesting to see how people use the same thing in different ways...

Christopher Kane(f11) uses actual crocheted granny squares and a print of a granny square on leather... I don't really know how I feel about grandma squares. It has a pretty bad reputation, but I feel that it is pretty gutsy of Kane to use it in high fashion. or maybe stupid... I haven't decided for sure but right now I think I like it because of how he pairs the super 70's old grandma feeling with 90's teen girly lava lamp feeling. Mixing two totally different generations and age group interests to create one for the in-between. iiiiinteresting.... I am now stroking my imaginary beard.

In Proenza Schouler's "shibori dresses", it looks like a print of a negative of a crocheted piece. It adds texture in a more visual than a physical way. This is probably a lot easier and cheaper to do. Also a lot cooler for the summer. Smart thinking. I want one, but then again, I want everything from them.

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