Wednesday, April 13, 2011

what's up

I've been so busy! I feel like after I graduate I need to be put in a coffin for a 7 year nap. zzzz

My internship at Anthropologie is coming along very nicely. I love everyone there and I am finally getting the hang of things as I am about to graduate, of course. We just finished our earth day window display with painted on green/white circles and reused corks. and I am back to macrame-ing, which I might change into knitting if I can finagle that... I will try to get photos put up tomorrow.

I decided I should put up a picture of what I have been working on to foreshadow what will be in my first solo show... Very exciting right? I will look like a wrinkled raccoon by the end of it but hopefully I will make it till the end.

I think I am calling this piece Red Tsuna. I tried to reference tsuna (rope) found in sumo wrestling and shinto shrines.

Now I have to figure out how to display it because I am not going to use mannequins. garhahlkfjdksalfanklhfd

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