Thursday, July 8, 2010

first big summer project

although it's summer, all the stresses of doing dumb responsible adult loan crap has been making me daydream about knitting again and knitting big. so i've started making some new chunky knot knit necklaces and have started machine knitting a gray strip to hopefully hand knit something like this...

but BIGGER! because bigger is better. not really, but in this case, it will be.

I have also been doing lots of net searching for wonderful knit inspirations done by other students/designers.



this is '09 graduate work by Sarah Benning from westminster. i actually found out about her by liz and kim who suggested i look at her work after seeing mine. and it's probably not a big surprise that i love the work she does.
Benning has such a solid concept/collection and a strong way to mix print work with knitting. something that i have a hard time executing.
gahhh envy! must keep working.

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  1. I want to see your knot knit necklaces. Adult nonsense is no fun and a total creativity killer. Keep up the blog!